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Alderman Norman School boys who lost their lives in World War One

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It is over 100 years since the Armistice of 11 November 1918. Unfortunately it proved to be just that. An Armistice rather than a lasting peace. The Second World War was to begin only a little more than 20 years later.

Here are some images and a list of Alderman Norman School boys who lost their lives in World War One.

Thanks to Barbara Smith for collating the material.

WW1 Memorial for Norman boys

On the Derek James page of the Norwich Evening News on 8th March 2011 there was an article about the memorial which once hung proudly on the wall of the Alderman Norman’s Endowed School having been Erected by the Trustees, Masters & Old Boys. The article was asking if anyone knew what had happened to it or where it was now. Although some members of the AN Claimants Unity tried to follow up some leads at that time, we still do not know the whereabouts of the memorial.

Does anybody out there know what happened to it? Please get in touch if you do.

WW1 memorial for Norman School boys







In the Norwich Evening News of 2nd August 2014 there was a supplement that referred to The Great War 1914 – 1918 Fallen, but not forgotten. Included in this were photos of two of the Norman Boys – Cecil Martin and Roger Tubby.

In conjunction with the names on the memorial and those in the list for Fallen, but not forgotten, the ANF Registrar, Barbara Smith, tried to tie up the names with pedigrees and produced the following spreadsheet.

Do you have a relative on the memorial? Have you got a story about them? Please get in contact if you have anything to share.

WW1 memorial Cecil Martin

WW1 memorial Roger Tubby







List of Norman School boys who lost their lives in the First World War

WW1 Memorial boys






For a large pdf of the above list please click the link here

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