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My first committee meeting

March 07, 2015  |  Posted by Carl  |  Comments Off on My first committee meeting

I attended my first committee meeting on Thursday (05-03-2015). However it was not without a ‘technical glitch’. As the saying goes, wires had somehow been crossed between us and the owners of the venue (Old Catton Village Hall). They had the meeting booked for earlier in the evening at 6:30 pm. Needless to say they turned up with the keys but of course we didn’t, as we had the meeting pencilled in for later in the evening at 7:30 pm. The gentleman waited around for some time before calling it a day as he had another appointment that he needed to attend.

So at 7:30pm I was presented with a queue of traffic at the gates of Old Catton Hall and a degree of puzzlement on those present. After much head scratching it was decided to de-camp to the Holiday Inn (thanks to the suggestion from Jenny) on the airport estate. This made for a relaxed informal meeting with biscuits and beverages. Regards to all those present who put up with my naive questioning.

The next committee meeting has been arranged for the 13th August at 7:30 pm Old Catton Hall. At least in future we have an alternative meeting place if such an occurrence happens again.

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